How to delete my photo shared by others in facebook?

I'd like to let people view my photos, but not share them with others.

Can I somehow prevent people from sharing my photos with others?

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There is no setting in Facebook to prevent reshare, so you cannot directly achieve this.

However you can ensure that only some people can see the post by not sharing anything with public visibility rather limit it to your friends. This way, even if other re-share it, only your friends can see it.

Alternatively you can choose Custom and only limit to specific friends of yours. For example if you have friends A, B, C, D. If you share a post only to and A, B, C by using Custom. If A decides to re-share it publicly, only B & C will be able to see it. D will not be able to see it because he doesn't have access to this originally.

However please keep in mind that if someone wants to share a picture that you don't want to be reshared, they can always do that in many ways. They can take a screenshot of the picture and re-upload if they want to do it by hook or crook. No privacy options can protect you.

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