How to restore deleted excel sheet tabs?

i also saved it

is there any way to recover it?

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When you save the file and close the workbook, Excel actaully deletes the temp file it created during your edit. So you might have a better chance by running any of the undelete tools. Search for the files with

or # in their names.

If the file was saved on a Windows Vista, 7 or server 2003, 2008 system you may well have shadow copy service running and keeping previous versions for you. You can't restore individual files, so you need to:

  1. make a copy of the folder the file is in
  2. right click the folder and choose "previous versions". Look for a version with an appropriate timestamp (ie before the deletion, but as recent as possible). Restore the whole folder. Put back any newer files from the copy you just made.

You can try something like Recuva. It is extremely important that you stop modifying files on your computer and run this ASAP, as it will reduce the chance that the unlinked file will be deleted from your HDD.

If you have deleted and saved it, I fear you will not be able to get this back. Even with memory dumpers, etc.

Cry a little, then move on and learn the lesson. :)

This does point out a usability issue however.

Most programs have an 'Undo' function. Unfortunately, a lot of programs are also limited in what you can undo.

For the example you gave, you can delete cells, rows, and columns then undo it like it never happened. Delete a worksheet however and no dice!

Personally, from a user standpoint, there is no logic reason this should be the case.

Just something to mull over for those writing software with undo functions. If a use can do an action, they are as sure as > going to want to be able to undo it at some point.

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