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Etsy Fav Cleanup от EtsyGadget

In the life of every active member of endless communities and groups on Etsy, at some momento comes a time when you need to clean at least a bit your favorite lists. When the number of favorite products does not fit any limits set by Etsy's programmers, it's something creepy and makes you think.

And then we have to make difficult decisions - finally clean up our favorites list, starting with the oldest favorited listings, ie, from the last page, going backwards to the most recent items, making clicks one by one in every little heart of each product and so on until you get bored of so much repetitive work, it takes a lot of time, you know.

To make this boring work less expensive, more efficient and much easier, I offer you a small application Fav Cleanup which will allow you to clean up the favorites lists page by page (ie, with a single click 24 red hearts present on the active page are coverted to the gray ones "unhearting" corresponding products, and removeing them from your list of "Items I love"). Much more easy and comfortable, isn't it?

Google Chrome extension called Fav Cleanup not only lets you clean all the products in your favorites list, but also gives you the option to choose which elements do you want to "unfavorite": only those products whicha are already sold or all of them otherwise. You will have 2 buttons to choose from and you can decide which one to click. If you press the "Unfav ALL" button, the program will remove all 24 hearts on this page from you favorites list, otherwise, if you click on "Unfav SOLD", the program will only remove the items on this page which were already sold(marked with the "sold" keyword)(and you will not have to search for them between the rest of listing - the program will do it automatically for you).

After finishing with the current page the program will automatically go to the previous page of you "Items I love" list. Do not forget - you have to go from the last page to the most recent pages.

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